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Acoustics For The iPod Generation January 28, 2009

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All acoustics (ACOU) events at the annual joint NSBP/NSHP conference are outreach efforts sponsored by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) through its Committee on Diversity in Acoustics. These events include musical and hands-on acoustics demonstrations, technical session, and an acoustic poster competition.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is very concerned with the low percentage of under-represented minority students and professional members. How best to attract current and future generations of students to Physics?

Today’s students, known as the iPod generation, may be attracted to Physics by leveraging their musical passions. Acoustics demonstrations and tutorials explaining the physical mechanisms responsible for the unique sounds of musical instruments offer very tangible means to help them comprehend many physics concepts such as stationary waves and frequency shift.

Acoustics is more than music. Acoustics subfields also include atmospheric, underwater, structural, and architectural acoustics. Acoustics subfields span beyond physics with subfields such as biomedical ultrasound, animal bioacoustics, speech communication, psychological and physiological acoustics, audio engineering, noise control, and signal processing.

Professors interested in teaching an acoustics course may start by reading an Acoustics Today article by Ilene Busch-Vishniac and Jim West entitled “Acoustics courses at the undergraduate level: How can we attract more students?” available as a free download here (http://www.nsbp.org/en/art/?29).

Acoustics resources include:

Acoustics.org (http://www.acoustics.org)
Discovery Of Sound In The Sea (http://www.dosits.org)
Acoustics Tutorials & Demos (http://www.gmi.edu/~drussell/Demos.html)
Education & Career Resources (http://asa.aip.org/map_education.html)
Student Project Resources (http://asa.aip.org/resources.html)

Do you know of another source of acoustics resources? Please share it here with a comment to this blog.

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