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Aspen Center for Physics – 2011 Summer Program January 27, 2011

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The annual physics-astrophysics program at the Aspen Center for Physics will be held from May 22 to September 11, 2011. The Center provides a place for physicists and astrophysicists to work on their research with minimal distraction in a stimulating atmosphere, and in a location of great natural beauty.

Applications are welcome from any physicist or astrophysicist who has a serious program of research to be carried out at the Center. The Aspen Center for Physics is committed to a significant participation of women and under-represented groups in all of the Center’s programs.

Individual Research:

The main Center program is unstructured and concentrates on individual research and the informal exchange of ideas. About 500 physicists and astrophysicists from about 100 institutions participate in the Center’s summer program, with 80-90 in residence at any time. (About 40% of the participants in the 2010 program attended for the first time.) The research interests of the participants cover a number of fields, including astrophysics, biophysics, condensed matter physics, dynamical systems, elementary particle physics, mathematical physics, and statistical physics. The interactions between participants with different interests and backgrounds are one of the most stimulating aspects of the program. Applicants can be sure that colleagues from all subfields of physics will be present throughout the summer.


The Center provides a location where physicists from distant institutions can meet for intensive research collaboration. Small informal collaborations of 2-6 physicists are encouraged and efforts will be made to accomodate people wishing to work together.


Equally important to the Aspen Summer Program are the informal workshops that serve as focal points on topics of current interest. Workshops are very informal, with an extremely limited number of talks so that participants have ample time for informal discussion and to initiate new work. The informal workshops scheduled for summer 2011 are:

Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity and Condensed-Matter Physics May 22 to June 5
Galaxy and Central Black Hole Coevolution: Gravitational-Wave and Multi-Messenger Astronomy May 22 to June 5
Fluctuations and Response in Granular Materials May 22 to June 12
Few- and Many-Body Physics in Cold Quantum Gases Near Resonances June 5 to June 26
Stellar and Intermediate Mass Black Holes: Gravitational Physics and Radiation Sources Across the Universe June 5 to June 26
Computation and Collective Behavior in Biological Systems June 12 to July 3
Year One of the LHC June 26 to July 24
A New Century of Superconductivity: Iron Pnictides and Beyond June 26 to July 24
Holography and Singularities in String Theory and Quantum Gravity July 24 to Aug. 21
New Topological States of Quantum Matter July 24 to Aug. 21
A Theoretical and Experimental Vision for Direct and Indirect Dark Matter Detection Aug. 14 to Sept.11
Flavor Origins Aug. 21 to Sept.11
The Galactic Bulge and Bar Aug. 21 to Sept.11
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