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What are the top physics and astronomy stories of 2012? December 14, 2012

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Ah, the year that was.  Did the Higgs discovery make it one the best years ever?   Please take a moment to tell us your top 5 stories in physics and astronomy.   Give your top ranked story a score of 5, next one 4, on down to 1.   The results of this Borda voting will be announced before the end of the year.

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If you need some help remembering all the physics and astronomy you enjoyed this year, here are some top stories from Waves and Packets.

Experiments prove nanoscale metallic conductivity in ferroelectrics
Ultrafast optical imaging of superconductors
Physicists achieve single-photon spectroscopy of a single molecule
1st image of single-molecule charge distribution
Sending messages with neutrinos
Spider silk conducts better than copper
1st observation of coherent quantum phase slip in Josephson junction
Sun’s twin discovered — The perfect SETI target?
Pioneer anomaly explained with no new physics
1st results from BOSS
Gamma-ray outbursts shed new light on pulsars
Elusive Majorana fermions may be lurking in a cold nanowire
Have we observed the Higgs (imposter)? Signal may not be standard model Higgs boson after all
‘Extremely Little Telescope’ discovers unique bodies
Ed Witten explains why quantum mechanics says a black hole should be able to let some things out
Negative frequency photons: The impact of something we thought could not exist has now been detected
Discovery of Higgs-like particle opens new questions
Gravitational waves spotted from white-dwarf pair
New diffraction technique that mixes infrared and X-ray lasers maps chemical bonds
Mathematicians offer unified theory of dark matter, dark energy, altering Einstein field equations
Room temperature superconductivity found in graphite grains
Latest Planck results may resolve question about dark matter
How NSF allocates billions of federal dollars to top universities
Black holes constrain the mass of a photon
Astronomers announce most precise measurement yet of the Hubble constant
Possible cosmological solution to the Pioneer Anomaly
1st ‘black widow’ pulsar found from gamma ray observations
New form of matter, color glass condensate, possibly spotted by CMS
Electrons in solids may reveal intrinsic electron dipole moment
Cosmologists propose new paradigm for understanding early universe
Ultrafast light turns insulator into a conductor

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